Amelia Beniquez Muñoz has been performing for over 30 years. Born and raised in San Diego, her first dance instructor was her mother, Yolanda Chacon-Beniquez. Yolanda is a Mexican folkloric dance instructor and founder of the dance company, La Fiesta Danzantes de San Diego. Amelia is still a principal dancer for the company and performs regularly. Aside from folklorico, she trained in tap, jazz, hip hop and theater.

Her formal salsa experience, after years of dancing socially, began under her friend and mentor, Laura Loaiza. Laura was the creator of San Diego’s first ladies styling team, Salsa Divas. This fueled Amelia’s passion for developing ladies’ movement.

For five years, Amelia traveled, taught and competed professionally with the world-renowned Alma Latina Dance Company of Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego. During this time, she earned two World Latin Dance Cup Salsa Team Champion titles.

In January 2015, she started the Omambo Ladies Team with 16 women with different levels of experience. Since then this division of Omambo Dance Project has expanded to more than 30 ladies and includes teams for both beginners and more advanced female dancers.

Omambo Dance Project is now Amelia’s main focus. She is instrumental in determining the ladies styling for the partnering teams, from Amateur to Pro, and develops all the choreography for the ladies teams.

Amelia enjoys the work of training dancers and the creativity of bringing something different to ladies team choreography.